If you are a Christian educator who is searching for a place where you can share resources and collaborate with peers, meet Catalyst. Welcome to an online, professional learning community that invites ongoing connection and support among peers and thought leaders who will foster your transformational growth as you teach the next generation of Christ followers. Sign up for your limited access free 30-day trial today!

Catalyst provides opportunities for networking and professional development through:

Connecting Educators

Access a directory of Christian school Bible and science teachers from across the US, Canada, and beyond. Profiles can easily be connected from LinkedIn, making this directory your place to find and engage with educators in similar fields and grade levels on relevant topics in specific regions. 

Helpful Resources

Learn from your peers and let them learn from you! As a Catalyst member, you’ll find resources and lesson plans that other Bible and science teachers have implemented in their classrooms and be encouraged to share best practices you’ve successfully completed with your students.

Interactive Forums

Conversations relevant to your everyday teaching are already happening on Catalyst. Find multiple topics on Bible and science instruction divided into major categories. Forum topics are built around current issues and established best practices—where theory meets practice. Searching for a forum on a particular topic but don’t see one? Create your own, and get the conversation started.

Engaging Groups

Join a group that corresponds to your interests and grade levels. If you’ve attended a CSI professional development event, let’s keep the conversation going by sharing resources and walking alongside each other as specific practices are implemented.

“Every teacher has the power to become a networked educator and foster a networked classroom. The power is in knowing where to find opportunities to connect—and being aware that those opportunities continue to change and grow.” 
–Paul Barnell, The Evolution of the Networked Educator

Why Catalyst?

Catalyst was formed out of the need that arose from the Christian Educators Science Academy (CSESA) and the CSI Bible Instruction Symposium. During these events, teachers received a packed full agenda of instruction interwoven with a biblical worldview, a truly unique experience. These amazing events and others like them are truly mountain top experiences for many. The challenge comes when heading back to the classroom and implementing the new techniques or remembering the inspiration of the event and how it motivates daily. Being in an environment where you may have “found your people” and then heading back to a self-contained classroom where you are the only specialist in that area can seem lonely.

Catalyst seeks to be the uniting and expanding force that brings back some of those moments of connection and synergy to keep you connected to your people and professional development goals long after the event has ended.

Stories from the Catalyst Community

“This site has the potential to be my ‘go to’ resource for becoming a better Christian teacher by using every concept to point to a wise Creator and loving Father.”

Amanda Ervin

Phoenix Christian School

Phoenix, AZ

“Catalyst seeks to provide an avenue for professional Christian educators to dialogue about the real work of science education in our world today. I’m eager for engaging conversations about quality science instruction that’s thoroughly infused with Christian perspective.”

Jon Kroeze

Avail Academy

Blaine, MN

“Live community discussion will make this a rich place for personalized learning, as teachers can share their specific questions and specific best-practices on their path of implementing excellent Bible instruction at each grade level, in each content area.”

Heidi Dean

Veritas Christian Academy

Fletcher, NC

How It Works

Catalyst is the platform; you make it a community. Get involved and take your biblical worldview-based instruction to the next level by:

  1. Create your profile
  2. Discover and connect with Christian teachers all over the globe
  3. Share Bible and science lessons and resources with colleagues
  4. Join a group or forum to dive deeper into discussion around instructional topics vital to teaching in a Christian school setting
  5. Ask questions and learn from the community

Frequently Asked Questions

Catalyst seeks to connect and empower Christian educators to be innovators of excellence in their professional development journey through: 

  • Connecting them with other Christian school educators across the globe
  • Sharing resources and lesson plans steeped in biblical worldview
  • Engaging in timely discussions about educational theories and classroom best practices for the Christian school setting

Catalyst is an online community platform that uses a variety of networking tools to build, manage, and engage members in vibrant and active participation among a group of likeminded individuals seeking to further their professional goals.

Membership Trial: Interested in what Catalyst has to offer? Get limited access with a 30-day trial.

Full Membership: Take advantage of all the features that Catalyst has to offer with an individual subscription fee of $14.99/6 months.

Full membership includes access to member profiles with map location, live feed of real-time communications, educational resource library, discussion forums, subject area groups, member news, and access to upcoming member events.

Questions About Catalyst?

Rachael Heyboer

Director of Product Development