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Timothy Christian Student Participates in World Speed Skating Competition

Hannah Bosman represented the United States in Changchun, China, in March.

Hannah Bosman skating in the World Junior Speed Skating Championship in China
Photo credit: Xiaolu Chu / ISU / Getty Images

Hannah Bosman, a senior at Timothy Christian High in Elmhurst, Illinois, represented the United States at the World Junior Speed Skating Championship in Changchun, China, in March. She skated the 500 meter, the 1,000 meter (in which she achieved her personal best time), the 1,500 meter, and the 3,000 meter. “I also skated in the mass start, which consisted of 27 ladies skating on the oval at the same time for 10 laps,” said Hannah. “It is a rough-and-tumble race as we were all pushing and shoving each other. Six girls fell during the race, but I managed to stay on my feet to place 12th when expected to place 21st.”

Hannah began at Timothy Christian as a preschooler. “Timothy has had a huge impact on my faith,” she said. “In 4th grade I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior because of the teacher's impact on my life. Through the years, Timothy has helped me grow in faith through the chapels, worship, and biblical classes. The teachers and faculty have genuine faith, and it is seen through their character.”

Timothy Christian has also supported Hannah in her athletic gifts. “People at Timothy often ask about my upcoming competitions and are very encouraging. Sometimes I even have Timothy members visiting me when I'm at the rink,” she said.

A chronic cough and a twisted vertebra have made training difficult in recent months, but she continued to train six days a week, including trips to Milwaukee three times a week to skate on the nearest long track. “My circumstances with my health this season have not been ideal for training, but they have caused me to rely on God and go back to my foundation in Jesus Christ,” said Hannah. “I've learned not give up hope or faith in God, but to trust him in everything.”

In addition to skating, Hannah has excelled in cross country and track, having qualified for state meets each year of high school. Her track coach, Kevin Hackert, first saw her run in a meet in the 6th grade. “She ran away from the field despite being the youngest girl there,” he said. “She was focused and pushed herself, despite carrying a comfortable lead. After she won, she immediately turned around and waited to congratulate the next finishers. I have now seen her run for over six years and she is still focused, pushing herself, and congratulating the rest of the field, regardless if she won or was beaten. She is the type of athlete that coaches are proud to have on their team.”

U.S. World Junior Speed Skating Championship teamThis attitude is clear when Hannah (far left in team photo) talks about her skating teammates. Of the seven others on the junior team, she said, “I know everyone on the team, but I train regularly with four skaters who are going with me, and we are all good friends,” she said.

Hannah plans to attend the College in DuPage in Glen Ellyn, Illinois, so she can continue her training after high school.

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