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CSI Welcomes C&I Product Development Intern

Calvin College student, Lito Wagenveld, is working on several upcoming C&I projects.

CSI Welcomes C&I Product Development Intern

A current student at Calvin College, Lito Wagenveld has joined Christian Schools International this summer as a Curriculum & Instruction Product Development Intern.

A secondary education major, Wagenveld was exploring job opportunities related to teaching when he came across the intern position with CSI. After applying and interviewing, he’s deep into some projects for the Curriculum & Instruction department such as researching and collecting data to use in upcoming curriculum product development projects. Additionally, Wagenveld is responsible for finalizing some details for CSI’s 2019 Bible Instruction Symposium.

“I’m hugely appreciative for the opportunity CSI has given me to be here. Not only is CSI passionate about Christian education, but also about developing and investing in their teachers and employees,” Wagenveld said. “As an upcoming teacher myself, I’m motivated to pursue CSI’s goals and a strong believer in its mission.”

Planning to graduate in 2019, Wagenveld is currently studying for his bachelor’s degree in secondary education/Spanish with a minor in secondary education/religion. His dream is to be a high school Bible teacher and soccer coach. But teaching the Bible wasn’t always Wagenveld’s dream. In fact, he was taking some business classes when he had a “God moment”—what he describes as a profound sense of peace and security—and at that moment, he felt called to Bible education.

Outside of interning at CSI, Wagenveld’s four loves are playing soccer, working out, forming new relationships with people, and music. His favorite soccer players are Lionel Messi and Andrés Iniesta, and two of his favorite artists are NF and Witt Lowry.

Lito Wagenveld