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Hilda and Tim Quist's CSI pension helps them give back to schools.

International Christian School of Vienna students

Christian Schools International supports Christian schools in four important ways: accreditation assistance, leadership development, curriculum, and employee benefits. Currently, 241 member schools are enrolled in CSI’s Pension programs, and over 4,000 retirees can rely on their pensions to support them after retirement.

Hilda and Tim Quist of Benzie County, Michigan, have been a part of the CSI Pension Plan since they began their teaching careers. When they retired in 2012, they found that their pension provides them with more than the resources needed to live; it also allows them to do the things they want to do. “In a time when many people face uncertainty about their financial future, we feel secure,” says Hilda.

Hilda Quist with school groupWhen they first retired, the Quists began by volunteering close to home, and then discovered another option where they could put their skills and experience to good use. From November 2013 through January 2014, the Quists were able to accept an invitation to teach at the International Christian School of Vienna, Austria, as volunteers. “Tim and I received the invitation to teach at the International Christian School of Vienna from a parent of a former 5th grade student Tim had taught at Evergreen Christian School,” said Hilda. “While we were there we taught English and Bible to 7th and 8th graders. The students at the school come from a variety of backgrounds, including children of embassy employees of a variety of countries, United Nations employees, American business employees, and also native Austrian children. Many spoke English well; others needed more time and experience with the language.”

Both the Quists served in several different schools. Hilda worked for Washington Christian in Silver Spring, Maryland; North Christian in Kalamazoo, Michigan; and in Grand Rapids, Michigan, at Oakdale Christian, at the Christian Learning Center, and at Grand Rapids Christian Middle. Tim served at Creston Christian, Seymour Christian, and Evergreen Christian, all in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

The Quists were able to take advantage of their overseas assignment to travel quite a bit as well. “Highlights were seeing and enjoying not only the city of Vienna and the surrounding area, but also Salzburg, Berlin, and Prague,” said Hilda. “We have no other adventures planned at this moment, but we are open to more!”

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