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CSI Partners with CACE in Support of Teaching for Transformation

CSI, in partnership with CACE, endorses Teaching for Transformation for use in member schools.

CSI Partners with CACE in Support of Teaching for Transformation


Christian Schools International, in partnership with the Center for the Advancement of Christian Education (CACE), endorses Teaching for Transformation (TfT) for use in member schools. TfT is a framework for incorporating Christian worldview into academics. TfT was developed by the Prairie Centre for Christian Education in Canada, and CACE is the exclusive distributor of TfT in the United States.

TfT is currently used by over 70 schools across Canada, the US, Africa, and Central America, and CSI used TfT and its Throughlines when developing And It Was Good: Teaching Science from a Christian Worldview in 2015. We appreciate TfT and what it can offer our schools, said Rachael Heyboer, director of product development for CSI. It's a wonderful way of consistently incorporating Christian worldview into the teaching process.

Many Canadian CSI schools are already using TfT, which calls upon educators to identify and develop storylines, then attach and incorporate Throughlines, which are overarching Christian concepts. Through these intentional, structured practices, God’s hand is seen in every aspect of life, and students are also called upon to act on what they learn through FLEx (formational learning experiences) activities: opportunities to address genuine human need.

“Teaching for Transformation connects schools and school leaders by providing a network of schools who are on the TfT journey,” said Timothy VanSoelen, director of CACE. “These schools will have the opportunity to collaborate on units, to share better practices, and to celebrate stories together. TfT provides innovative practices that will invite students into an incredible, life-changing story that helps them understand their life’s purpose – to know the Creator, his plan for creation, and the purpose he has for us in that life-giving story.”

CACE is an outreach arm of the Dordt College Education Department and the Sid & Carol Verdoorn Foundation. “Our reason for being is to walk alongside Christian schools that are committed to teaching from a biblical perspective,” said VanSoelen, director of CACE. “We exist for the sustainability, improvement, innovation, advocacy, and promotion of Christian education at all levels of learning.” For additional information about TfT or CACE, contact Van Soelen at 712.722.3620.


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