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CSI Corporate Moves to New Location in Downtown Grand Rapids

We are excited to announce the CSI Corporate office, including our Accreditation, Curriculum and Instruction, Finance, Leadership Development, Marketing, and Sales departments, has moved to a new location in downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan.

We’ve Moved!

The CSI Corporate office is now located at 99 Monroe Avenue NW, Suite 200 in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Our office space is inside Worklab by Custer, a coworking and meeting facility that provides a high-performance work environment for mobile workers and meeting guests. Many other local businesses also utilize this space, whether working independently or collaboratively with their colleagues.

One of the goals in the CSI 2017–2020 Strategic Plan was to examine current real estate holdings and lease opportunities to determine the best use moving forward. The CSI Board encouraged the leadership team to find a facility that promotes collaboration and provides the latest technology to help employees improve work performance. This coworking space offers a collaborative environment that fits workplace trends and fosters community amongst our corporate staff. We are planning to be at this new location for at least a year until a permanent location is found for our staff. The staff at CSI Corporate has also begun a hybrid schedule, which means staff will be working in the office for certain days of the week and offsite for the rest.

While we are sad to say goodbye to the 3350 East Paris Avenue office, the building has served us well for the past 40 years. We celebrate the history that has taken place and have fond memories serving our member schools there. We still encourage you to stop by the 3350 East Paris location where CSI Employee Benefits continues to serve member schools in their leased space.

The Accreditation, Curriculum and Instruction, Finance, Leadership Development, Marketing, and Sales teams are settling in well and enjoying coworking in the collaborative space with other local businesses. And most important, we are looking forward to hosting meetings with member schools and welcoming them to the Worklab.