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CSI and ACSI Forge Partnership

Dual membership will allow organizations to access complementary benefits.

CSI and ACSI Dual Membership header

Christian Schools International (CSI) and the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) have reached a joint membership agreement that has the potential to expand the support offered to CSI and ACSI schools. Member schools that choose to be enrolled in both organizations will be offered reduced membership rates and will be able to access the services and programs offered by both organizations.

ACSI, headquartered in Colorado Springs, Colorado, counts in its membership 23,000 schools from 100 countries, a much larger organization when compared to CSI’s 400 member schools. This larger membership base allows ACSI to offer programs that CSI cannot, including ACSI’s ConNEXUS professional development resources and local ACSI student activities and athletic leagues. But ACSI appreciates CSI’s history and its established worldview perspective; CSI also brings its employee benefits program to the table, which will be attractive for ACSI schools, since ACSI offers no such platform.

Each organization will offer a 25 percent dues discount to members who choose to be members of both CSI and ACSI.

“This is not a step toward merger,” said Jeff Blamer, vice president of member services. “Each organization recognizes and respects the other and the importance of maintaining the mission and purpose of each separately. We understand that many of our member schools could benefit from the services of both organizations. We also understand that dual membership will not be the best choice for every school.”

As another demonstration of the desire to be a unified voice in Christian education, ACSI and CSI are working with other Christian school organizations to put together a Global Christian School Leadership Summit, which will be held in Orlando, Florida, on February 1-3, 2017. Author Lee Strobel will speak on the topic of “A Case for Christian Education.” For more information on the conference and its sponsors, click here.

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