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CSI Accreditation Continues to Grow

The program has grown to more than 100 schools and was recently recognized in Wisconsin.

The governor of Wisconsin signed a bill recognizing CSI accreditation in Wisconsin

The CSI accreditation and school improvement model continues to grow and to be recognized for its excellence. Since 2010 the program has more than doubled, from about 50 to more than 100 accredited CSI member schools in the US. “We hope that the Measuring the Mission tool will soon become the mission-focused school improvement tool for our Canadian schools and for member schools globally,” said Bob Van Wieren, CSI's accreditation program director.

Along with the growth has come the challenge of dual accreditation and state recognition. The changing landscape of accreditation has resulted in CSI needing to establish reciprocity and recognition with each regional accrediting body and with several states.

Governor Scott Walker’s pen used to sign the accreditation billCSI is pleased to announce that on March 30 the governor of Wisconsin signed a bill recognizing CSI accreditation in Wisconsin. During the past two years Minnesota and Iowa have also included CSI accreditation as a recognized accrediting program. CSI accreditation has reciprocal and recognized arrangements with every regional body except the northeastern US. Reciprocal accreditation is also available to member schools through CSI’s dual membership partnership with ACSI.

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