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Annapolis Christian Receives STEM Grant

US Office of Naval Research grant given to enhance school's STEM offerings.

Annapolis students working on STEM projects

The upper school of Annapolis Area Christian Schools in Severn, Maryland, has been awarded a $27,000 grant from the US Navy Strategic Systems Programs. Grants are given annually as a means of enhancing schools’ science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) offerings.

Madelyn Smith, head of the school’s Engineering and Technology Department, applied for the grant. The school will use the money to upgrade and expand current technology and to purchase supplies and activities for STEM day, an event the upper school’s Engineering II class will plan and host for Annapolis Area Christian’s lower schools, Annapolis and Severn.

Annapolis students working on airplanesLast year, the upper school hosted a STEM event for students at Severn; the elementary students worked with the high schoolers on activities including building robots and completing circuits. The success of the event and the influx of cash will allow the upper school to expand the event to include both lower schools. The STEM day, set for January 12, 2017, will include K’Nex car racing and construction of volcanos, vortex cannons, gum drop structures, tin foil boats, and catapults, among other activities.

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