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An Overview of the Government PBGC

An Overview of the Government PBGC

October 25, 2016

Staff members from CSI and from Mercer, CSI’s pension servicer

CSI is holding webinars to provide information about the operation of the federal government agency, the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation (PBGC), and the pension insurance it provides. We believe that the presentation will be of primary interest to school boards and administrators, but Pension Plan participants are also welcome to attend.

As we explained in the invitation to our early October webinars, the CSI Pension Plan, like other retirement plans in the U.S., is under pressure from economic, legislative, and other forces. Contributing factors include low and volatile investment returns, persistent low interest rates, federal government premiums for pension insurance, and increasing life expectancies. We would like schools to have more detailed information about and the scope of both the benefits and powers of the government PBGC.

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