US Pension Plan Publications

Pension Plan Changes



Pension Plan Hard Freeze



Examining the Paths Forward



Town Hall Meetings



CSI Pension Task Force Recommendation and Report



Keeping the Pension Plan Healthy



Christian School Pension Plan and Bylaws Booklet

 Click below to view and search the Pension Plan and Bylaws booklet online.



School Administrator Benefits Guide 



Your Pension Plan

A summary plan description is a short simplified description of the Christian school pension plan.



The Christian Schools International Pension Plan Delivers Value

Click here to read about how our pension plan works and why this plan is the best fit for the Christian education community.



Online Retirement Calculation Instructions

If you are a participant in our pension program, we have a great online tool for you.  You can log-in and generate your own retirement calculations anytime!  Click here for instructions on how to calculate your retirement benefits.



Benefits in a Nutshell

This document gives a short description of the benefits of the plan.



Forms of Pension

This document describes how pension benefits can be paid in different forms with different options.



Special Tax Notice Concerning Plan Payments

This publication contains important information concerning the options available when receiving your pension plan account including choosing a direct rollover or having the payment made directly to you.



Retirement Checklist

This publication suggests steps you can take regarding your participation in the Christian school pension plan to prepare for retirement. Choose the checklist that is applicable and complete the steps to work towards your retirement goals.



Enrollment and Salary Reporting Webinars