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School Administrator Benefits Guide

These publications are a guide for school benefits administrators.  The guides provide key information, timelines, and process for the individuals at our schools to help in the administering of CSI benefits plans.  

Priority Health Schools

Starmark Schools

BlueCross/BlueShield Schools



A Brief Summary of Benefits

This publication gives a short description of the general provisions and benefits that are provided by the insurance plan.



Adoption Expense Reimbursement

The insurance plan will reimburse for certain adoption expenses.



Limited Benefit Plan

These benefits can be selected as a stand alone plan or are included with all medical plans.



Dental Benefits



Ability Assist Counseling Services

Participants covered by CSI's Long Term Disability Plan have access to free counseling sessions. Click here for more information.



Priority Health Summary of Benefits

The CSI Insurance Plan offers comprehensive coverage and a variety of plan options through Priority Health. 

Preventive Care covered at 100%

2017/2018 Summary of Benefits and Coverage 



Priority Health Medicare Advantage Plans



Health Premium Rates - Priority Health

Contact Christian Schools International to receive a quote for health coverage.  Premium rates for Priority Health health coverage are determined based on the demographics of your school.

Contact Todd Schilthuis by phone at 877.274.8796, ext. 251 or by email to obtain a quote.



Premium Rates for Life, Disability, Vision, and Dental



 Health Care Reform Webinar - October 28, 2013



Health Care Reform Webinar - April 24, 2013



Enrollment and Salary Reporting Webinar 2017