Update No. 71 - August 5, 2015

Arcadia’s New System Platform

Beginning September 1, 2015, Arcadia Benefits Group will be transitioning to a new administration platform for the management of your FSA account. The new platform will offer increased functionality, allowing more efficiency and flexibility, as well as enhanced online and mobile capabilities. Please see the attached flyer for details regarding the new system platform.

New Benefits Debit Card

Benefits debit cards will be offered beginning January 1, 2016. Participants can have easier access to the funds set aside in their general-purpose or limited-purpose health FSA simply by swiping the benefits debit card at the point of sale. Please see the attached flyer for details regarding the benefits debit card.

Blackout Period

During the transition to the new system platform there will be a brief claims blackout period. Claims will not be processed from Saturday, August 22, 2015, through Monday, August 31, 2015. This blackout will allow Arcadia to migrate all their data and check every participant account for accuracy.

Deadline for Claims

For expenses incurred prior to August 31, the deadline for submitting claims is November 30, 2015. To print a claim form, go to www.CSIonline.org/benefits and select Forms under Flexible Benefits. You may carry over up to $500 of your unspent balances remaining at the end of the plan year into the following year. Any amount over $500 remaining in your health FSA as of the end of the plan year will be permanently forfeited as required under federal law.

Contacting Us for Support

If you have questions about the Flexible Benefits Plan or any previous Update, please visit our website at www.CSIonline.org. You are also welcome to contact Kathy by phone at 616.284.3228 or 877.274.8796 ext.228, or by email at kdoezema@CSIonline.org.