Update No. 194 - August 2016

Date: August 2016

To: Participating School Boards, Active and Inactive Plan Participants and Retirees
From: Howard Van Mersbergen, Executive Secretary-Treasurer

Teacher and Administrator Partnership Program(TAPP) Leave of Absence

In 2004 CSI implemented a Teacher and Administrator Partnership Program (TAPP) Leave of Absence into the CSI Pension Plan. The purpose of the program is to allow teachers and administrators who are very familiar with providing Reformed Christian education to teach or administer at an emerging school for a year. The individual would help the school understand how CSI schools provide Reformed Christian education. Also, the program encourages individuals who go overseas to continue serving in a CSI school in North America; the experience and insights they have gained overseas can help enrich the educational environment of their school. TAPP enables an individual who is serving on leave to still participate in the pension plan by making contributions to the plan and continue accruing benefit.

TAPP Leave of Absence Amendments

TAPP leave of absence is being amended by the Trustees as follows:

1. A TAPP leave of absence is for individuals who serve in an “approved organization” during their leave. By way of amendment an “approved organization” is defined as a Christian educational institution, Christian non-profit organization, or an educational institution.

2. The Plan is also being amended to limit a TAPP leave of absence to two years. However, this would not prevent the participant from taking additional TAPP leaves in the future.

TAPP Leave of Absence Agreement

A TAPP Leave of Absence Agreement (see link) has been developed for individuals requesting a leave. This agreement is designed for the schools and participants to make their pension contributions during the leave and the terms on which the leave is being approved. 

Contacting Us for Support

More information about our benefit plans and past Updates is located on our website at www.csionline.org. Select “Employee Benefits” and the appropriate plan. If you have questions, contact Marcy Sterken at 616.284.3231 or toll free at 877.274.8796, ext. 231, or contact her by email at msterken@csionline.org.