The Product

And It Was Good provides examples and a template for integrating Christian worldview with excellent, up-to-date, hands-on science.

And It Was Good Science Product

Hard-copy and digital booklets are available for each grade K-5 and for middle school (Earth, Physical, and Life). Each grade has at least seven complete lessons with a variety of teaching options. At least one lesson per grade level focuses on engineering.

In addition to lessons that integrate Christian worldview with Next Generation Science Standards, each booklet contains a comprehensive frontmatter section that

  • Explains the background and rationale for the creation of the product
  • Provides information on the educational tools incorporated in the product
  • Includes a template that will allow teachers to create their own lessons.

With purchase of the booklet, the teacher will also receive access to a password-protected website that hosts links to many online resources that work with and expand on the sample lessons.

Features and Benefits

  • Integrated: Christian worldview permeates each lesson
  • Adaptable: Can be used with any curriculum and added at any point in the school year
  • Scientifically literate: Lessons link to current science standards and use current instructional models
  • Hands-on: Students are “doing” science, not just studying science
  • Flexible: Each lesson offers a variety of teaching options