Board of Trustees


Christian Schools International guides and empowers school leaders and teachers who work in Christian schools through the shared commitment to a biblical worldview that penetrates all aspects of their schools' programs. These combined efforts will lead to a dynamic and growing Christian school community that fosters a new generation of young people to live God-glorifying lives committed and equipped to influence cultures with the transformational message that this world belongs to God.


In 1919, thirteen Christian school leaders began to discuss the merits of a national coalition of Christian schools. Their idea was to build a coalition that allowed a school to remain independently controlled while benefiting through a united and common purpose of strengthening and serving Christian schools internationally.

This effort was blessed. Today, there are 400 Christian schools and 80,000 enrolled students that benefit from the products and services from the resulting organization—Christian Schools International (CSI).

In our contemporary world, the need for this shared effort is even more essential to confront a worldview where the Bible is dismissed and scorned. In our ever-changing and increasingly perilous world we must communicate to our children the security found in the never-changing truth of Scripture and in a relationship with a never-changing God. As Christians, we are called to train our children, and we are provided a clear direction in God’s Word, the Bible. We believe this biblical worldview is indispensable and should be integrated in all subjects.

By building strong school leaders and empowering teachers, we can equip a new generation of young people to live and serve our Lord, ultimately influencing culture and transforming our world.   

We can only do this with the help of almighty God.

Thankfully, as this commitment to Christian education is shared by parents, school leaders, and teachers, God is blessing Christian education in communities worldwide. Christian Schools International as an organization has the responsibility to lead and support these Christian schools, small and large, wherever they are located.

The Board of Trustees is committed to ongoing review and evaluation of the existing products and services of CSI in order to meet the needs of member schools confronted by fast-changing educational paradigms. Clearly, we can adhere to our organization’s mission and vision while providing unique, current approaches to enhancing knowledge and reinforcing existing methods of educating students.

This strategic plan is designed to provide direction and focus for Christian Schools International over the next five years. Comments on this plan are welcome. The board is committed to the important task of maintaining this vital work for the future. This will allow a new generation of young people to benefit from an education that is biblically based, preparing them to contribute to and to transform the communities where they live and work, ultimately glorifying our God.

We pray God will bless our work.