Both participants and schools benefit when educators are able to retire at an appropriate age because they have sufficient resources to do so. However, given the limited financial resources of many schools, predictabilty of this can be a challenge.

Our pension program allows for the provision of retirement benefits to Christian school employees. The pension program fits well with the community model that drives both us and Christian education. By coordinating the retirement efforts of the Christian education community, we are able to do a much more efficient, effective, and complete job of providing retirement benefits. The challenge is to use the resources of schools to the greatest advantage for teachers.

Various Contribution Levels to Meet Your Needs

Christian Schools International has developed a retirement program designed specifically for the Christian education community. The program offers a choice of various contribution levels so that schools can find the best fit for them. Each contribution level provides the most bang for the buck through the use of a pension plan that is financially efficient and cost effective.

Because pension programs provide a defined (predictable) benefit to participants, retirement is a predictable event. 

Pension Programs Are Best Performers

Pension programs have also been shown to financially outperform individual retirement accounts by a significant margin, often providing 30 to 40 percent greater retirement benefits. This increased financial performance is a result of several factors, including lower costs, accurate predictions of collective needs, and superior returns on investments. By being financially efficient, our pension programs can make use of limited resources and still provide viable retirement solutions.

Another reason that we have chosen to design pension programs for the Christian education community is the flexibility that the community approach provides. Leveraging the strength of the community, our pension programs are able to answer the unique needs of the community. Additionally, our plans provide disability benefits and early retirement options that would not be available with individual retirement account programs.

Let Us Help You Fulfill Your Mission

Our retirement program can help your school attract and retain the best educators by taking limited resources and providing powerful retirement benefits. To find out how we can help your school achieve its mission, please contact Todd Schilthuis, account manager, at or 877.274.8796, ext. 251.