What We Do

Christian Schools International publishes curriculum and teacher resources as a way to support our member schools.

Over time we’ve dabbled in creating products for a number of subjects, but it is difficult for our small and multifaceted organization to produce quality curricula for every subject taught. Our current focus, developed in response to the needs of our member schools, is the production of a high-quality Bible curriculum and a science curriculum with an integrated Christian worldview.

Christian Schools International is not a publishing house. Although occasionally we have included outside products in our store, in general the publications we sell are created by us to respond to the identified needs of our schools. Most of our work is commissioned; we rarely accept freelance pieces.

If you would like to recommend a product—yours or someone else’s—that would be valuable to Christian schools, please consider these questions.

  • Does this product fit within the mission of Christian Schools International? (http://www.csionline.org/mission)
  • Has this product been created with Christian schools and teachers in mind?
  • Does this product tie in closely to our Bible or Science curriculums? (Learn more about our products at http://www.csionline.org/curriculum.)
  • Has there been any market research done to support the need for this product in Christian schools?
  • Are there any limiting factors, such as price or technology capacity, that would reduce the appeal of this product?


If you feel your product meets the criteria, please submit your material, along with a formal proposal explaining how your product meets these requirements, for our review. Send all proposals to Rachael Heyboer at rheyboer@csionline.org. Hardcopy materials will not be returned. If you would like to market your materials to Christian schools, please contact Darryl Shelton, chief operating officer, at dshelton@csionline.org, for advertising and sponsorship opportunities.