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The sample lessons provide wonderful examples of how to teach, but the game changer in this product is the content found in the frontmatter.


Christian Schools International’s worldview is integrated into each of the sample lessons. This worldview holds that God and his Word are the source of all truth, that recognizing God as the source of all truth is freeing, and that nothing can separate us from God and his love for us. The study of science is completely compatible with Christian teaching, for by studying science we learn more about our amazing God and his creation. We are also able to use what we have learned to improve life on this planet which he has gifted to us.


Throughlines, developed by the Prairie Centre for Christian Education, are overarching concepts that provide a framework for the interweaving of Christian teaching into the lessons. By intentionally identifying Christian concepts and incorporating these teachings, every part of the lesson harks back to God and his Word.

Ten Throughlines are used throughout this product: creation-enjoyer, order-discoverer, servant-worker, Earth-keeper, God-worshiper, community-builder, image-reflector, beauty-creator, justice-seeker, and idolatry-discerner. These Throughlines provide the means of intentionally connecting each part of the lesson to God’s story.

5E Instructional Model

Since the late 1980s, the 5E instructional model has become the standard for science instruction. The National Science Teachers Association recommends using the model when teaching NGSS. And It Was Good lessons follow this model. The phases are

  • Engage: creating interest in the subject
  • Explore: generally a hands-on activity, guided by the teacher
  • Explain: students provide feedback on what they have discovered; in this project, the Throughline is generally introduced in this phase
  • Elaborate: students deepen and apply their new knowledge; in this project, the Throughline and storyline are generally integrated in this phase
  • Evaluate: students demonstrate their understanding


The Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), as the name suggests, are designed to standardize science education expectations across the United States. The NGSS focus on concepts that span all grades as well as on engineering practices. They emphasize the practice of doing science rather than memorizing scientific data.

The product also aligns with many Canadian provincial standards. Click here for a document that aligns Canadian expectations with the lessons of And It Was Good.

Online Resource

Purchase of this product includes access to a collection of web activities selected to enhance these lessons. Teachers can use these videos, activities, and resources as they see fit. There is also the opportunity to review and rate the sites; teachers can teach and learn from other educators on what is useful. Teachers are also welcome to recommend sites that they use for possible inclusion on the site.