Overview of Committee Work

The formation of this committee began in December 2015. The product development team divided our member schools into different geographical areas and then began searching for qualified individuals interested in sharing their expertise in science education. By early January we had formed a well-rounded committee that included individuals representing the diversity of our membership in the US and Canada.


First Meeting

Our first meeting was held in an online format on January 11, 2016. The objectives for this initial meeting were to clearly articulate the goal of the committee, introduce ourselves to one another, and explain the group assignments. Committee members were asked to complete three assignments in preparation for the next meeting. Assignment one was to review the current CSI Science 2nd Edition curriculum at their specified grade level and prepare a brief report to share with the group. Assignment two was to review a competitor curriculum (one they were currently using or familiar with), comparing it to the CSI Science curriculum and preparing a brief report to share with the group. The final assignment was to craft five potential questions based on their reviews that they would like to see on a survey sent out to all member school administrators and science teachers.

While the committee members began work on their assignments, the product development team went to work researching and hiring a marketing and research company to help us form a survey about science curriculum needs and preferences among our member schools and non-member customers. The product development team hired the services of JET Marketing of Grand Rapids based on their reputation and excellent work done in previous projects for CSI. Meetings were held with JET Marketing to inform them of the goal of the science committee’s work and objectives for the final survey.



Second Meeting

The second committee meeting was held in an online format on January 28, 2016. In addition to the product development team and committee members, Jeannette Taylor of JET Marketing also participated in the discussion. The focus of this meeting was to listen to and discuss with one another the findings of the individual reviews and potential survey questions as well as hear and respond to Jeannette on her expertise in forming effective surveys. The committee did a wonderful job presenting their findings and much was learned from each other during our discussion. The meeting concluded with the expectation that the committee would review the final survey draft and provide input and final corrections before it was scheduled to be sent out on February 17, 2016.



Final Meeting

On April 24, 2016, we held our final meeting. All committee members were in attendance and had been tasked with reviewing the results of the survey and offering their feedback based on four specific questions. Each member was able to share their responses and then offer their suggestion on the future of science curriculum development at Christian Schools International. The committee did not shy away from difficult questions or candid feedback, and CSI was able to get some honest and helpful answers to direct the course of future work in science education. We are very thankful for the hard work and dedication of each of these individuals, and we are grateful for what we have learned from them.