Our Consulting Team

David Ritter

David has served as a CSI leadership and strategic consultant since 2008. He has comprehensive experience as a Christian school teacher, as an interim head of school at three CSI schools, and as the headmaster of a classical Christian school. David’s focus is to provide insights and best practices to schools seeking to be well positioned as excellent, thriving, and highly effective schools. He holds bachelor degrees from Elmhurst College (management/business administration) and Northern Illinois University (teaching), a master of arts degree from Wheaton College in educational ministries, and a Ph.D. in educational leadership/Christian thought from American University of Biblical Studies.

David can assist with:

  • Head of school/leadership searches.
  • Strategically growing enrollment and revenue sources.
  • Board governance and professional development.
  • School stabilization and transition during leadership changes.
  • Strategic leadership.
  • Developing change and transition strategies that keep your school relevant without compromise.
  • New school development.
  • Classical Christian school and non-traditional educational methods.
  • School positioning and strategic planning.

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Contact David at dritter@csionline.org
or 912.656.7567.



Joyce A. Workman

Joyce served as director of mission advancement at Western Michigan Christian High School for 11.5 years. Her technical and mission advancement perspectives have been shaped by a longstanding relationship with the firm Gonzer Gerber Tinker Stuhr out of Chicago. She completed her undergraduate work in public relations and advertising at Grand Valley State University and holds a master’s from Cornerstone University.

Joyce can assist your school with mission advancement, fund development, and student recruitment.

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Contact Joyce at JWorkman@csionline.org or 616.402.5901.

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Stevenson Company LLC

The Stevenson Company LLC is available to provide exclusive executive search services to CSI member schools. Albert Prentice, Joshua Miller, and Robert Stevenson, with a combined 54 years of experience, bring their knowledge and unique tools to provide in-depth assessment of candidates.

Having worked with major international ministries, churches of many denominations, and Christian colleges and seminaries, the team understands the specific leadership needs of Christian organizations. And a powerful, predictive assessment tool called the System to Identify Motivated Abilities© is exclusively used by SIMA© International affiliates in all consulting.

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Contact Robert Stevenson at rob@robertjstevenson.com or call 612.747.7471.

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