Our Strategic Plan

Mission: CSI’s mission is to advance Christian education and to support schools in their task of teaching students to know God and his world and to glorify him through obedient service.

Vision: Christian Schools International (CSI) guides and empowers school leaders and teachers who work in Christian schools through the shared commitment to a biblical worldview that penetrates all aspects of their schools’ programs. CSI’s efforts will lead to a dynamic and growing Christian school community that fosters a new generation of young people to live God-glorifying lives committed and equipped to influence cultures with the transformational message that this world belongs to God.

The Board of Trustees is committed to ongoing review and evaluation of the existing products and services of CSI in order to meet the needs of member schools confronted by fast-changing educational paradigms. Clearly, we can adhere to our organization’s mission and vision while providing unique, current approaches to enhancing knowledge and reinforcing existing methods of educating students.

This strategic plan is designed to provide direction and focus for CSI over the next five years. Comments on this plan are welcome. The board is committed to the important task of maintaining this vital work for the future. This will allow a new generation of young people to benefit from an education that is biblically based, preparing them to contribute and transform the communities where they live and work, ultimately glorifying our God.

We pray God will bless our work.

Goal #1

Strengthen communication and advocacy strategies to promote the benefits of Christian education

Christian Schools International will continue to contribute in positive and innovative ways to the ongoing dialogue about the benefits of Christian education for all ages, stressing the importance of how the biblical worldview incorporated in education can equip and empower a new generation of young people to constructively shape culture, change communities, and disciple people, all in service to our God.

Christian Schools International will:      

  • Continue to distribute the Christian Home and School magazine to homes throughout the CSI family of schools three times per year.
  • Seek partnerships with mission-compatible organizations such as service vendors, colleges, member associations such as Christian Schools Canada and advocacy groups such as the Council for American Private Education.
  • Develop Christian education advocacy pieces for local Christian Education Week celebrations.
  • Renew and refresh the CSI brand by updating the logo.
  • Develop a useful and dynamic web presence that is beneficial for our member schools and the public who may be interested in Christian education.
  • Experiment with new and innovative methods of communication.
  • Share the successes of individual member schools with all CSI member schools.
  • Continue regular blogs on the topic of faith nurture.
  • Initiate news stories and author op-eds to communicate the value of Christian education for communities and the wellbeing of society.
  • Reposition Christian education’s value with opinion and government leaders.
  • Develop and promote indicators to position the merits of Christian education in parents’ minds.

Goal #2          

Support learning in Christ-centered environments through the delivery of excellent products and services while seeking and implementing new approaches to increase learning in young people

Christian Schools International will catalyze a culture of innovation among member schools, propelling them to be the best educational institutions in the regions they serve. 

A new focus will include a robust approach to online learning by utilizing first-rate curriculum and excellent Christian teachers. This necessary emphasis will be designed to complement existing programs in member schools.

Christian Schools International will:

  • Create and package learning resources in multiple formats.
  • Provide biblical worldview perspectives on all the academic disciplines included in P-12 education.
  • Create new ways for teachers to connect with CSI and other Christian teachers working in similar settings.
  • Carefully build a world-class CSIonline Academy utilizing Christian teachers to influence students with a biblical worldview. 
  • Develop a model that blends high quality “in seat” instruction with high quality online instruction in ways that reduce the school’s delivery-per-pupil cost.
  • Encourage schools in the pursuit of international connections and cross cultural opportunities for students in order to develop a sense of personal mission as global citizens.
  • Move toward e-publishing.
  • Continue to offer courses and workshops on Christian distinctives for classroom teachers.
  • Continually upgrade and improve the Walking With God and His People Bible curriculum.
  • Continually upgrade and improve the K-9 Science curriculum.
  • Establish a cost-effective and academically robust model that will allow small K-8 schools the option to expand to K-12 schools.
  • Work with interested parents in communities currently not being served by quality Christian high schools for the establishment of Christian high schools.
  • Improve cost-effective employee benefit programs to provide financial security both during and after a career in Christian education.

Goal #3

Strengthen school leadership, school governance, and school operational structures

Poor leadership and unsystematic governance can lead to the ineffectiveness, or even the collapse, of a school. This is unacceptable. Christian Schools International will focus on increasing Christian school leaders’ capacity for managing and, if need be, transforming their schools through multiple training opportunities, publications, and consulting services. Blueprints and guidance that lead to continuous school improvement and prudent financial modeling will be provided.

While actively focusing on current needs, CSI will also vigorously research and prepare for anticipated changes in education paradigms that could impact member schools.   

Christian Schools International will:

  • Conduct Educational Leadership Development Institutes for those interested in entering school leadership both from within and outside of the field of education.
  • Conduct Principal Development Institutes for school leaders with less than ten years of experience.
  • Conduct CEO/superintendent round tables for heads of schools overseeing multiple schools and/or multiple programs.
  • Host an annual leadership convention.
  • Partner, where appropriate, with our Canadian regions and Christian Schools Canada leadership with training opportunities for the entire CSI community.
  • Conduct CSI leadership webinars for school leadership officials.
  • Host multiple affordable board leadership conferences.
  • Strengthen and develop consulting products that address difficult-to-meet needs as our schools seek to enhance their ability to accomplish their mission.

Goal #4

Empower Christian school teachers to be innovators of excellence in their profession

The responsibility of those who are entrusted with passing knowledge from one generation to the next is enormous. The profession of teaching can be both the most challenging and the most rewarding and fulfilling vocation in service to our God. Christian school teachers are directly linked to the students and are responsible for teaching and mentoring them.

Christian Schools International’s focus is to support teachers by offering the resources and continuing education opportunities that will best encourage them to grow professionally, allowing them to deliver the superior instruction to young people and meet the high standard of education expected from a Christian school.

Christian Schools International will:

  • Offer first-rate learning resources and study materials in a number of media that are easy to use.
  • Offer two accreditation programs, both of which lay the groundwork and establish a blueprint for school improvement.
  • Offer individual downloadable units for Bible and science teachers.
  • Generate learning exchange blogs for math and science teachers.
  • Explore new ways to communicate with teachers and promote a dialogue among individual teachers, especially  in regions not served by teacher associations or other entities:
    • Conduct a series of listening sessions to establish a dialogue with teachers and identify their needs.
    • Host an online teacher forum to allow teachers to communicate with each other on day-to-day challenges and successes.
    • Facilitate and encourage discussions among partners such as teacher associations and regional entities that can all benefit from proven innovations and practices to increase learning in all Christian schools.
    • Host webinars on appropriate topics when needed.

Goal #5

As a growing organization, Christian Schools International provides a model of excellence in every aspect of its organizational life – from governance, to finance, to staffing, to how we identify and conduct our work and strengthen relations with member schools

Great leadership leads by example. All Christian organizations are expected to be accountable and conduct their affairs with integrity. The Bible illustrates this leadership by showing the relationship between Jesus Christ and his followers. As leaders of Christian education, we are entrusted with the divine calling of sustaining and increasing this vital work of fostering a new generation of young people for service to our God.  

Christian Schools International will focus on member Christian schools that are intentional about having a transformational biblical worldview penetrate all aspects of their school program and that function from a carefully designed school improvement plan, have research-informed pedagogy, and demonstrate that they meet the minimum standards published in the “CSI Membership Standards.”

Christian Schools International will:

  • Continue to strengthen relationships with current members and aggressively seek to grow its membership in order to provide the benefits it offers to an increasing number of schools and students.
  •  Continue to offer products and services uniquely designed to enhance our member schools’ ability to accomplish their mission.
  • Establish unique networks of member-leader connection through a trained cadre of leader coaches.
  • Maintain a financially solid balance sheet.
  • Be both guided and anchored by a highly competent self-sustaining board of trustees.
  • Align all of its internal operations to assure common brand, focus, and mission.
  • Establish transition and succession plans for CSI senior leadership.


Indicators of Success

It is with humility we approach the daunting, yet necessary, task of instituting indicators to measure the work of advancing Christian education. We recognize that a Christian school is an institution auxiliary to the family. Parents choose the education option that reflects their belief that living a Christian life affects all spheres of life; the school that shares this mission is the one they choose.

Thankfully, this responsibility to provide Christian education is embraced by devoted teachers, school administrators, and school leaders across North America. Christian Schools International will enthusiastically continue to work side-by-side with all who share in the belief that we are called to train children for God’s service.        

We know that in an organization like Christian Schools International everything is connected to everything else.  We strive to do things right and we strive to do the right things.  While some of the indicators may be quantitative, we believe sustained growth comes when supplying high- value, quality products and services.

The work for which this document provides focus will be measured by key indicators of success.  With God’s blessing, the following will be true by the end of calendar year 2016:


  • The number of schools accredited by CSI will increase by 10 schools, giving us a total of 75 accredited schools.
  • CSI will have built an $180,000 operational reserve.
  • Total revenues generated by CSI consulting services will have increased 10 percent per year, reaching a total of $100,000.
  • Both United States and Canadian pension trust funds will be funded at a minimum of 95 percent of liabilities with strategies in place to reach full funded status.
  • CSI will receive high marks of satisfaction from its member schools.


  • Membership in CSI will increase 25 percent to serving a total of 110,000 students in 425 schools.
  • Fifteen new small, blended, boutique high schools will be developed.
  • Student/course registrations for CSIonline Academy classes will total 4,000.
  • 400 school leaders, board members, and school administrators will annually participate in CSI-sponsored seminars and professional education forums. In addition, 500 leaders will participate in CSI online leadership training events.

800 teachers will participate in the various CSI sponsored and co-sponsored professional development events.