Organizational Profile

Name: Christian Schools International is a non-profit, tax exempt educational services organization.

Our Mission:  To advance Christian education and supports schools in their task of teaching students to know God and his world and to glorify him through obedient service.

Number of Member Schools: Christian Schools International serves about 400 educational units which represent about 500 schools. Approximately 67 percent are in the U.S., 30 percent in Canada, and the remainder are scattered across the globe.  Approximately 90,000 pre-K – 12 students are enrolled in member schools.                

Total Annual Budget: $3.2 million

Approximate Income Breakdown:

  • $860,000: Membership Dues
  • $560,000: Sales
  • $420,000: Services
  • $500,000: Gifts, Grants, and Annual Fund
  • $850,000: Internal transfer from Employee Benefits, which operates under a separate budget

Debt and Outstanding Liabilities: The organization is debt free and has a modest contingency surplus.

Staff: The total staff includes the CEO, five members of the leadership team, about twenty full- and part-time staff, and several part-time independently contracted staff.

Featured Products and Services: Products and services that are pillars of the organization include:      

  • An understanding and articulation of reformed, biblical worldview for Christian education
  • Bible and science curriculum products
  • Employee benefits, including US and Canadian pension programs
  • School accreditation and school improvement tools
  • Leadership development events and leadership support


Christian Schools International’s offices are located at 3350 East Paris Ave., Grand Rapids, Michigan. Detailed information is available on the organization’s website

Belief Statement: We believe that Christian education is firmly rooted in God’s Word and God’s world.

  • Christian Schools International proclaims that our world belongs to God.
  • We believe that faith must be imbedded in every aspect of curriculum, instruction, and program.
  • In our schools, faith and learning are woven together as an inseparable web.
  • We have no fear of questions, inquiry, and challenges to what we believe. Instead, our schools invite the tough questions and the challenges, as iron sharpens iron, because God is our rock and his Word is our guide.
  • Christian Schools International, humbly but unashamedly, understands worldview.