Benefits for Participants

TO:                Schools Participating in the CSI Flexible Benefits Plan 

FROM:           Brian C. Meekhof, Benefits Administrator


New CSI Flexible Benefits Plan

We are pleased to welcome Employee Benefit Strategies (EBS) as our new administrator effective September 1, 2002.  Any claims for expenses incurred by your employees on or after September 1 may be submitted to the fax number or address listed on the EBS claim form.

Effective September 1 CSI will no longer use HRM Claim Management to administer the flexible spending accounts.  If your employees have claims for expenses incurred prior to September 1, you may submit them to HRM until November 30, 2002.


New Remittance Procedures

The remittance procedures will change as of September 1.  Schools will no longer be invoiced monthly for payroll deductions.

Health Care Spending Account and Dependent Care Spending Account Deductions

Remitting funds to CSI for the Flexible Benefits Plan will now done on a “self-pay” basis.  You are responsible each pay period to send the deductions to CSI for the health care and dependent care spending accounts. With each payment, send a list of employees and the amounts deducted. You will no longer be invoiced for these deductions. A sample self-pay report is attached; you may also use a similar report generated by your payroll software.  If you would like an Excel version of the sample report, contact us and we will send a copy by e-mail.

For schools using the CSI Group Payroll Plan, ADP will report deductions for you.  No self-pay report is necessary.

Make checks payable to CSI Flexible Benefits Plan and send it with the self-pay report to 3350 East Paris Avenue SE, PO Box 8709, Grand Rapids MI 49518-8709.

Premium Deductions

You will no longer remit deductions for the premium account to CSI.  Your self-pay report should include the premium deduction amounts for each employee but you will keep the funds in order to pay for insurance coverage.

Administration Fee

You will receive an invoice each month from EBS for the administration fees of the Plan.  There is no longer a charge for participants using only the premiun account; the administration fee for all other participants is $4.50 per participant per month.  The minimum monthly fee is $25.00.  Payment for administration fees is separate from employee payroll deductions and is not paid to CSI.

Make checks for administration fees payable to Employee Benefit Strategies and mail them in the envelope provided with the invoice.


Administration Manual

An Administration Manual for the CSI Flexible Benefits Plan will be shipped to you shortly.