Benefits for Participants

TO:                Participating Schools in the CSI Rainbow Plan

FROM:           Brian C. Meekhof, Benefits Administrator


1997/1998 Plan Year Account Balances


Enclosed is an Employee Balance File Listing reflecting Rainbow Plan account balances as of 7/20/98. 

Code 10 = healthcare account and code 20 = dependent care account.


This reminder is sent with one month remaining of the Plan Year (ending August 31) to enable your employees to schedule appointments and/or gather information to submit claims incurred prior to the end of the Plan Year.  Please contact the employees who have account balances to encourage them to submit claims and avoid forfeiting funds.  You may also wish to remind your employees of these items:


  • Claims are considered to be “incurred” on the date the service is obtained, regardless of when the bill is received or paid.  All service must be provided during the Plan Year (9/1/97 to 8/31/98).
  • Proper documentation must be attached to the Request for Reimbursement form.  If the expense is covered by insurance, please attach a copy of the Explanation of Benefits (claim worksheet) from your insurance carrier.  If the expense is not covered by insurance, an itemized bill showing the date of service, nature of service and amount of charge is required.  Claims may be sent to the
    P. O. Box shown at the top of the Request for Reimbursement form.
  • The deadline for submitting claims is three months after the end of the Plan Year, or
    November 30, 1998.  Claims must be received and processed by that date.
  • IRS regulations require that funds not used for claims incurred prior to August 31 must be forfeited.


If you have any questions regarding eligible expenses or your account balance, please call HRM, the Rainbow Plan administrator, at (800) 232-1913, Ext. 4008.  Any other benefit related questions may be directed to Coordinated Administrative Services at (800) 635-8288, Ext. 267.