Benefits for Participants

Plan Amendment and Restatement

The Trustees have prepared Amendment 2013-1 following a review of the entire text of the Plan for compliancy with current legislation and consistency with administrative practices. The Amendment resolves ambiguities in the text, removes historical and redundant references, and incorporates provincial variations with respect to the treatment and disposition of pension benefits.

This 2013-1 Amendment will be incorporated into the text to produce a required restatement of the Plan effective September 1, 2012. The restatement and the amendment will be filed together with the Financial Services Commission of Ontario and the Canada Revenue Agency.

Disability Amendment

Currently, if a participant is disabled and receiving disability benefits under a disability income plan sponsored by the Employer and/or the Canada Pension Plan (CPP), the disabled participant and employer are deemed to be making contributions even though no contributions are being made. This means that the disabled participant’s pension benefit continues to grow at the same contribution rate as if the disabled participant was still employed by the school; again, with no contributions required by the school or by the disabled participant.

Effective September 1, 2014, the language “a disability income plan sponsored by the Employer” will be replaced with “the Christian Schools International Canada Insurance Plan”. Therefore, going forward, the school and participant must be participating in the Christian Schools International Canada Insurance Plan to receive this contribution benefit for a disabled participant.

A provision is also being added allowing an employer not using the Christian Schools International Canada Insurance Plan to make the employer and employee contributions for a disabled participant.

Contacting Us for Support

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