Benefits for Participants

To: Active and Inactive Plan Participants on August 31, 2003

From: Howard Van Mersbergen Executive Secretary-Treasurer

Status Report

The enclosed report contains important information about your status with the Plan as of

August 31, 2003. Be sure to check the information carefully and contact us promptly if it is

incorrect or incomplete, or if your records do not agree with ours.

Retirement Benefit

The Status Report states your annual retirement benefit earned as of August 31, 2003. We

will be happy to do additional calculations for you and project, using certain assumptions,

your benefit to your retirement date. We can do these calculations for more than one

retirement date. Just call us at 1-800-635-8288, x 231, email us at or

send us a letter including such information as your expected retirement date and an estimated

percentage of future salary increases.

Retirement Checklist

The enclosed checklist suggests steps you can take regarding your participation in the CSI

Pension Plan to prepare for retirement. Choose the checklist that is applicable and complete

the steps to work towards your retirement goals.

Interest Rate

The Trustees confirmed 3.46% as the interest rate to be credited to the participants’

contribution accounts for 2003/2004.


The Trust Fund’s net equity on August 31, 2003, exceeded $100 million. Presently, the

asset composition is 1% cash or cash equivalents, 43% Canadian fixed-income securities,

30% Canadian equities, and 26% international equities. For the past five years the total

investment portfolio’s annual return was 3.3%. The returns are less than the actuarially

assumed interest rate of 6.75%. The most recent valuation showed the Plan to be fully