Update No. 1 - June 1, 2013

To:      All Member Boards and Principals/Administrators

From:  Howard Van Mersbergen, Executive Secretary-Treasurer


ADP Payroll Services Discount Program

Christian Schools International has partnered with Automatic Data Processing (ADP) for over ten years to provide group payroll services for schools and staff. The group payroll plan can help you make the processing of your payroll faster and more efficient.  Since ADP is North America’s largest payroll service provider, they are able to provide a local contact in your area of the Country.

In addition, we can offer their services at greatly reduced group rates. Group discounts have ranged from 15%-50% depending on the ADP platform that the school utilizes. Compare our discounted group rates with your school’s current provider or against the cost and time of having to do the school’s payroll in-house.

Today, through our program, ADP provides payroll services to over 50 Member schools in Canada and the U.S.

ADP’s program is internet-based.  Therefore, there is no software or technology (IT) work needed on the school’s end. And, they automatically update their service platforms whenever there are new tax law changes.


Core Payroll Services Provided

ADP provides the following services for our Member schools:

  • Web-based payroll and HR data accessed via the internet by your payroll staff
  • No software to load or updates to apply, which means no IT support is required
  • The gross-to-net payroll is calculated at ADP
  • Payroll cheques/checks and payroll output reports are printed and distributed to your school
  • Employee direct deposits are transmitted via the banking network (Electronic Funds Transfer)
  • Payroll tax deposits and jurisdiction filings are handled by ADP
  • Year-end tax reporting forms, production and distribution are handled by ADP
  • Wage garnishment calculation and payment distribution
  • Off-cycle check creation via your own printer
  • Full payroll assistance via the ADP Client Service Support Teams

Additional ADP Services

Here are additional services available to your business manager and your staff at no extra cost:

  •  iReports – Fast, easy access to payroll reports for your business manager / bookkeeper.  Locate archived data and prepare reports for management. (Available in U.S. only)
  •  iPay Statements – Enables your employees to review their current and historical payroll information 24/7 from virtually anywhere.  All they need is internet access.  Employees can:
    • View, save and print images of their paychecks, year-end tax forms and more.
    • Access their payroll history when applying for loans, mortgages or other financial needs.
    • Change marital status and exemptions on their tax forms and submit it to HR/Bookkeeping.
    • Perform “what if” scenarios with the Paycheck Modeling feature.
    • Receive e-mail notification when new documents are ready for viewing
  • iMobile Solutions – A single mobile app for your staff.  Great way to connect with your employees, enhance productivity, attract and retain talent.  (Available in U.S. only)

For an extra cost the following service is available:

  • Total Compensation Statements – If you haven’t provided something like this for your staff, it can be a great benefit.  Talk with a local ADP Representative (see how below).

ADP Corporate Summary

  • ADP works with over 400,000 small business clients (employers with less than 100 employees)
  • Largest provider of payroll services in North America
  • Triple A rated by S&P and Moody’s
  • Average client tenure of 10 years
  • Local representatives in your market

Partnering with ADP

For more details on partnering with ADP for payroll services, please contact Claire Larson, Benefits Advisor, at 1-877-274-8796  ext 251;  616-284-3251;  or at CLarson@CSIonline.org.  Claire will have an ADP Representative in your area call you to schedule a time that is convenient for you.

If you want to review ADP’s sample pricing, it is available on our website at www.CSIonline.org; under Employee Benefits; Group Payroll Plans; Publications; Canada or U.S. Pricing.

The ADP program is designed to allow your school the ability to utilize their industry leading payroll services at prices far lower than you would be able to secure on your own.  Whether your school does payroll in-house or with another payroll provider, find out if ADP can save your school time and money.

Thank you!


Contacting Us for Support

If you have questions or need additional information, contact Claire by phone at 877-274-8796, extension 251 or 616-284-3251, or by e-mail at CLarson@CSIonline.org. Our web site also contains useful information on all of our employee benefit programs and past Updates. Go to www.CSIonline.org and select Employee Benefits.