Our History and Story

In 1920 Christian Schools International was founded as the National Union of Christian Schools by eight charter members. The first national organization to serve Christian schools, Christian Schools International has grown to serve Christian schools across the United States and Canada with affiliates around the world.

From its beginning Christian Schools International has consistently represented a reformed, biblical worldview for education. Our programs have included advancing the professional status of teachers and principals, promoting education in print and in public forums, and providing textbooks and other instructional materials. Our earliest conventions launched a tradition of bringing school leaders together for support and education.

Since then, we have greatly expanded our programs to include curriculum publishing, an employee benefits program, school improvement and accreditation, and a variety of school services. Opportunities for teacher training and administrator support have also grown steadily through the years, as has our support for those who wish to cultivate their leadership skills.

Our twin goals of advancing and supporting Christian education have remained remarkably consistent over the years; however, the ways that we accomplish those goals is ever evolving. We are constantly listening to our members, discerning their needs, and striving to support the important work they do in their schools. Together with our schools, Christian Schools International:

  • Believes that Christian education is firmly rooted in God’s Word and God’s world.
  • Proclaims that our world belongs to God.
  • Believes that faith must be imbedded in every aspect of curriculum, instruction, and program, and that faith and learning are woven together as an inseparable web.