Flexible Benefits Publications


Flexible Benefits Plan Information

Question & Answer Brochure

Flexible Benefits Worksheet

Flexible Benefits Debit Card


Summary Plan Description

This document contains detailed information about the plan in a friendly question-and-answer format.

Summary Plan Description


Plan Document

This document states the provisions that govern the operation of the plan.

Plan Document


Question and Answer Guide for Administrators

Contact Information

Submitting a Claim

Reporting of Status Changes

Eligibility Requirements


Over-the-Counter Products – Eligibility for Reimbursement

Some over-the-counter products are eligible for reimbursement. This document contains guidelines on items that are eligible.


Over-the-Counter Products – Eligibility for Reimbursement Fact Sheet


Orthodontia Fact Sheet

The Orthodontia Fact Sheet explains the Health FSA Reimbursement for orthodontia expenses.

Orthodontia Fact Sheet