Curriculum and Instruction

Curriculum has long been an important piece of the work of Christian Schools International. CSI provides curriculum resources and services that integrate a strong, cohesive Christian worldview based in the reformed tradition. In response to our schools’ stated needs and preferences, we have honed our curriculum offerings and now specialize in producing excellent Bible and science curricula. Currently we offer science curriculum and resources for grades kindergarten through middle school and Bible curriculum and resources for preschool through high school.

CSI’s Product Development Department has transitioned to Curriculum and Instruction. By adding instruction to the name, we’re signaling the importance of this transformational component going forward. Over the next three years, the Curriculum and Instruction Department will be changing its department structure via key personnel and partnerships with other faith-based organizations; this restructure will help Christian Schools International carry out the strategic goals of empowering Christian school teachers to be innovators of excellence in their profession and supporting learning in Christ-centered environments through the delivery of excellent products and services while seeking and implementing new approaches to increase learning in young people.

The Christian School Educators Science Academy (CSESA) and the CSI Bible Instruction Symposium continue to enhance the ways CSI supports our member schools in Bible and science education through high-quality, teacher-focused professional development.



CSESA logoChristian School Educators Science Academy (CSESA)

Association of Christian Schools International and Christian Schools International, in partnership with Van Andel Education Institute, offer a unique professional development program designed to support transformation of Christian science teaching and learning to a practice-based culture.



CSI Bible Instruction Symposium

The CSI Bible Instruction Symposium was formed to champion and advance Bible instruction in Christian schools. CSI desires to serve our member schools by providing high-quality professional development opportunities to teachers of Bible to guide best practices in daily instruction.