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CSI Brand Guide

The brand guide contains all of the branding standards for Christian Schools International, including: logo usage, color palette, typography, standard design elements, and word usage.

Last revised: summer 2016

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CSI Brand Guide 2016



CSI Color Palette

249R 236G 0B
5c 0m 100y 20k


39R 69G 107B
93c 76m 34y 20k


0R 174G 239B
100c 0m 0y 0k


108R 85G 160B
68c 77m 2y 0k


227R 118G 45B
8c 65m 95y 0k


64R 174G 73B
75c 4m 100y 0k
(Pension Plan)











Below are the official Christian Schools International logos, available for download for our authorized staff and partners. Before using these, please read and be familiar with our brand guidelines (see brand guide above) and adhere to proper logo use requirements.

Color CSI Logo

CSI color logo

Download the desired file type below.



Black-only CSI Logo

CSI black-only logo

Download the desired file type below.




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CSI Powerpoint Templates

Powerpoint templates are available for CSI staff use only. Templates are available in the 16x9 widescreen ratio and in the traditional 4x3 screen format.

16x9 powerpoint template

CSI 16x9 powerpoint template image

Download the 16x9 powerpoint template

4x3 powerpoint template

CSI 4x3 powerpoint template image

Download the 4x3 powerpoint template


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