CEO Roundtable

About CEO Roundtable

Christian Schools International provides the opportunity for heads of school to participate in semi-annual CEO Roundtables. The work of navigating complex educational institutions through a rapidly changing environment requires sophisticated thinking. That thinking is refined by learning from others who are navigating their own complex institutions through similar journeys. Recognizing that thinking is refined by conversation, Christian Schools International brings 20–25 educational leaders together with a skilled facilitator for two days for the purpose of delving into a focused area of the school’s organizational life.



Past CEO Roundtables

Recaps for 2016

On May 5 and 6, twelve leaders in Christian education met in West Michigan to consider classroom design and the ways it can influence learning. The first day was hosted by furniture manufacturer Herman Miller, Inc., and a team from the company’s design yard. Friday was hosted by Zeeland (Michigan) Christian School, providing an opportunity for the group to observe the design and use of space for learning in the school’s new middle school addition. Read more.

Recaps for 2015

In November, 13 superintendents from Christian school systems across North America were invited to meet in Seattle, Washington, for an event focused on the complexities of leading Christian school systems and on knowing, benchmarking, and measuring the key differentiators in these systems. The conversation was facilitated by James K. A. Smith, philosophy professor at Calvin College.

Christian Schools International hosts CEO Roundtables for established leaders in member schools as a means of supporting the complex work of leading a Christian school system. CEO Roundtables provide the opportunity for leaders to learn from a skilled facilitator as well as from each other. For those who are invited to attend these events, attendee Paul Bootsma, superintendent at Lynden (Washington) Christian Schools, offers this advice: “Be an educator – ready and willing to learn and change your thinking!”

In March 2015, educational leaders gathered in Atlanta, Georgia, for an event facilitated by Simon Jeynes, senior consultant at Independent School Management (ISM). Simon led the discussion around the topic of what does flourishing look like in the 21st-century Christian school and how do we establish a plan to get us there.

Financial success predictors were discussed. School income including tuition and operational income should cover 100 percent of a school's expenses; if this ratio drops to 85 percent, a school is in danger of closing. Three core tuition errors were also identified: setting tuition annually rather than on a multi-year based on a strategic financial plan; basing tuition increases on the question, What can parents tolerate?; and assuming that your current budget is perfect.



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