Canada Pension Plan Publications

Canadian Christian School Pension Plan and Bylaws Booklet

Click Here for the complete plan book.



Your Pension Plan – A Summary Plan Description

A summary plan description is a short simplified description of the Christian school pension plan.



The Pension Plan Delivers Value

Click here to read about how our pension plan works and why this plan is the best fit for the Christian education community.



Benefits in a Nutshell 

This document gives a short description of the benefits of the plan.



Forms of Pension

This document describes how pension benefits can be paid in different forms with different options.



Retirement Checklist

This publication suggests steps you can take regarding your participation in the Canadian Christian school pension plan to prepare for retirement. Choose the checklist that is applicable and complete the steps to work towards your retirement goals.



School Administrator Benefits Manual

This publication is a manual for school benefits administrators. The manual provide key information, timelines, and process for the individuals at our schools to help in the administering of CSI benefits plans.



Question and Answer Guide for Administrators



Indexing Newsletters



Pension Funding