Biblical Worldview

As an organization and as a resource development agency, we subscribe to a Christian worldview and apply that worldview to our initiatives, policies, and products.

God and his Word are the source of all truth.

A biblically informed curriculum points to God as the source of all truth, leads students toward biblical wisdom and a response to God’s call to discipleship, and nurtures all students toward Christlike living. God’s truth permeates every academic subject and educational initiative. Faith is imbedded in curriculum, and faith and learning are inseparably linked.

Recognizing God as the source of all truth is freeing.

Everything, from the smallest molecule to the greatest star, was created by God. But he chose not to reveal every part of his creation immediately, but to equip humans with the gift of research and discovery so that these things can be revealed in his appointed time.

God created humans in his image as whole persons—spiritual, physical, social, emotional, and intellectual. We have the responsibility to develop all areas of our lives. We are not restricted, but instead we are empowered by our creator to discover, probe, explore, and seek after knowledge in every discipline.

Nothing can separate us from God and his love for us.

There is nothing that has been learned or that will be discovered that will shake our faith in the creator of the universe. New discoveries or theories that discount our creator are to be explored and studied. People of faith must be equipped to understand in order to both support and refute.

Knowledge and applications can be used inappropriately or for selfish intents. As Christians, we can participate in the broader community, showing mercy, promoting justice, acting in godly ways, and caring for God’s world, or we can dishonor God, disrupt our community, and misuse God’s world. We take part in the work of the Holy Spirit and assist in the process of renewal when we share in the work of Jesus as we collaborate to make the world a better place.