Science & Worldview

New and important discoveries are happening daily in the world of science, and the internet pushes announcement of these discoveries to our computers at lightning speed. For those who produce science curriculum, it is all but impossible to compile well-researched, comprehensive, timely educational materials. Even direct-to-web publications and publishers with big budgets and extensive staffs have a hard time keeping up with the speed of science.

Our research indicates that our member schools choose science curriculums that best suit their needs, and often these are secular publications. It is then up to the teacher to supplement the materials to incorporate a Christian worldview. Our research also indicates that our member schools value the Christian worldview that Christian Schools International incorporates into our science curriculum.  We wanted to develop a product that would help teachers to bring this worldview into their classrooms even if they choose not to use CSI’s science curriculum.

A poll of our member schools revealed high interest in using a Christian worldview supplement:

Interested In Using a Worldview Supplement