Accreditation Programs

Christian Schools International Accreditation has two well-researched accreditation programs, or protocols.


Vision to Action

We generally recommend that young schools going through their first accreditation cycle choose Vision to ActionVision to Action is the traditional accreditation protocol. The school

  1. conducts a self-study based on a set of quality standards,
  2. hosts a site visit team of educational professionals to validate its self-study and identify areas of concern, and then
  3. develops a school improvement plan based on the recommendations made by the outside site visit team.

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Measuring the Mission

We recommend that schools that have gone through an accreditation process previously, with Christian Schools International or another accrediting association, use the Measuring the Mission protocol. Measuring the Mission follows the current format of most regional accrediting associations. The school

  1. conducts a self-evaluation based on Christian Schools International's standards and indicator rubrics,
  2. identifies areas of need and develops goals to improve in those areas, then
  3. invites the site visit team to validate its self-study and collaboratively improve its developing school improvement plan.

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To explore which of Christian Schools International’s accreditation processes is best for your school, check out the Vision to Action standards and the Measuring the Mission standards. For more information, contact Sheryl Jo, director of school improvement, at 800.635.8288, ext. 235, or