2015–16 Webinars

2015–16 Webinars

Important Enrollment Information Changes for CSIonline Academy & Sevenstar

Thursday, June 16

Ty Orton and John Pohlman, Sevenstar

If your school currently partners with CSIonline Academy or hopes to make use of the vast course catalog of online courses in the near future, it's important to have a representative from your school join us for this live webinar event. Join Ty Orton and John Pohlman from Sevenstar to learn about the new enrollment options you will need to utilize for future student enrollments and to hear about the generous discounts being offered to CSI member schools during the transition months this summer. This 30 minute webinar will equip you with all the information needed to enroll students this summer, this fall, and into the future.

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CSI Employee Benefits Canadian Open Enrolment

Wednesday, May 18

Brian Meekhof, Benefits Manager, Christian Schools International

The Christian Schools International employee benefits annual enrolment webinar will review and explain the annual enrolment process and salary reporting. Topics include a review of the plan provisions, what your employees need to do, what your school administrators need to do, and important dates and deadlines.

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CSI Employee Benefits U.S. Open Enrollment

Wednesday, May 18

Brian Meekhof, Benefits Manager, Christian Schools International

The Christian Schools International employee benefits annual enrollment webinar for our U.S. plan participants will review and explain the annual enrollment process and salary reporting. Topics include a review of the plan provisions, what your employees need to do, what your school administrators need to do, and important dates and deadlines.

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Google Classroom Tips and Tricks

Tuesday, May 10

Rachel Medeiros, a Google certified trainer and innovator from San Jose Christian School

Google Classroom helps teachers and students stay organized and enjoy a supplemented curriculum. In this webinar, Rachel Medeiros, a Google certified teacher, will share San Jose Christian School’s philosophy for technology integration and demonstrate how that philosophy works with Google Classroom, a free learning management system for Google Apps for Education schools. Come learn the details of how to use Classroom, best practices for using it in your school, and the many great benefits for both students and teachers.

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Is Retirement A Myth?

Thursday, April 28
U.S. Pension  |  Canadian Pension

Howard VanMersbergen, VP of Benefits, Christian Schools International
Todd Schilthuis, CSI Benefits Advisor, Christian Schools International
Luc Girard and Glenn Ayers, Mercer Consultants

Retirement is NOT a myth with the CSI Pension Plan. Learn why CSI’s Pension is the most powerful way to fuel staff retirement and keep schools running strong. We will discuss the benefits of a defined benefit pension plan as compared to a defined contribution plan (i.e. RRSP, 403B). Advantages/disadvantages of both will be discussed. Join us!

Audience: Principals/Administrators, Business Managers, Board Members, Compensation Committee Members

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Recognizing and Dealing with Cyberbullying: What You Need to Know to Protect the Students You Serve

Wednesday, April 20

Beth Harmon, S.Psy.S., school psychologist, CLC Network

It is essential for all school personnel to understand the power of technology in the lives of the students they serve. With a few clicks, kids are destroying each other's self-images, relationships, and reputations. Why do they do it, and how can we recognize and stop it? In this session, we will explore these and other areas related to cyberbullying.

Beth Harmon is a school psychologist at CLC Network, where she enjoys helping parents and teachers gain an understanding of why a child learns or behaves in a certain way. Beth is a graduate of Calvin College and Central Michigan University.

The handouts referenced in this webinar (along with many others) are at cyberbullying.org under the resources section. They available for educational use at home or in school.

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Presentation Tools for Classroom, Blended, or Online Content

Tuesday, April 19

Becci Zwiers, Inno-Versity

Are you tired of using PowerPoint and want to create more interesting presentations? Or are you looking for ways to create instructional content for your online or blended class? There are a variety of ways to present information to students in an engaging manner. In this webinar we’ll explore using Prezi and Powtoon slides as alternative presentation tools. We’ll also look at Piktochart as a tool to create infographics, and we’ll consider using Powtoon to make cartoon scenarios as instructional content for students.

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Understanding the 2011 NIV: What Has Changed and How Do Those Changes Affect My Classroom?

Thursday, April 14

Dr. Douglas Moo, Committee on Bible Translation chair, Wessner Chair of Biblical Studies, Wheaton College
Dr. Mark L. Strauss, Committee on Bible Translation vice-chair, Professor of New Testament, Bethel Seminary San Diego

The current CSI Bible curriculum, Walking With God and His People, uses the 1984 NIV for scripture references, and that version is no longer available online or for purchase. While most of our curriculum was not impacted by changes in the 2011 NIV, some memory work, workbook pages, and test banks have changed with the newer translation.

This webinar is led by two scholars from the Committee on Bible Translation (CBT) to explain the history and background of the 2011 translation project, the scope of the changes, and the reaction this updated version has received. Learn more about this translation project and how CSI can help adjust your current Walking With God and His People curriculum to the updated version.

Updates for our Bible curriculum “Walking with God and His People” can be found at www.csionline.org/curriculum-updates.

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7 Ways to Enhance Learning using Technology in K–5 Science Classroom

Wednesday, March 23

Kent Ezell, curriculum and technology consultant, Christian Schools International

Christian Schools International’s Kent Ezell will deliver 7 ways you can use technology when teaching science. Kent will talk about web applications as well as iOS apps.

Download the companion PDF which lists the apps.

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Online and Blended Course Content—What Is Out There and How Can I Use It?

Tuesday, March 8

Becci Zwiers, The Learning Well

Are you overwhelmed by the amount of content found online? Or certain there has to be a better way to find content for your class? There is! Attend this webinar to learn about open educational resources (OER) and learning object repositories (LOR) that are free and available for use in your classroom. These resources include media, lesson plans, assessments, and other activities that you can use in your class. The materials presented will be carefully vetted to provide the most useful and well-respected sources.

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Previewing This Summer’s Worldview Summit

Tuesday, March 1

Bart Den Boer, worldview specialist, Christian Schools International

This webinar previews the main topics and break-out sessions planned for this summer's Aug. 2-4 Worldview Summit. Webinar participants will look into how James Smith's views on cultural liturgies and Christian practice affect our discussion of worldview integration. In addition, we will preview some of the offerings of the break-out sessions at the Summit.

To prepare for this 1/2 hour webinar, be sure to check out the Voices4ChristianEducation blog “Beyond Biblical Worldview and Christian Perspective.”

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Special Education in Your Christian School: A Conversation with Elizabeth Dombrowski and Joel Westa

Thursday, February 11

Elizabeth Dombrowski, executive director, CLC Network
Joel Westa, President/CEO, Christian Schools International

Join us for this informal discussion of special education best practices in Christian schools. Elizabeth Dombrowski (CLC Network) and Joel Westa (Christian Schools International) will share how to support inclusion of students at all levels of ability in schools of any size, and what tools are available to you, in order to enroll whole families in your school. Learn more about CLC Network's services online.

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How to Use a Faith Portfolio to Enhance Your Bible Teaching

Wednesday, February 10

Kent Ezell, curriculum and technology consultant, Christian Schools International

Kent Ezell, Christian Schools International’s curriculum and technology consultant, will explain the concept of the faith portfolio, describe both technologic and non-technologic ways of maintaining faith portfolios, and highlight key faith portfolio artifacts that can be gleaned from Walking With God and His People.

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Introducing CSI's New Consulting Team

Tuesday, January 26

Robert Stevenson, Albert Prentice, and Joshua Miller; Stevenson Company LLC

Leadership is a key to the success of a school, so finding the right leader is crucial—and sometimes difficult. This webinar will introduce you to the new partnership between CSI and the Stevenson Company, an organization that will offer CSI schools specialized service in head of school and leadership searches.

Meet their senior consultants Robert Stevenson, principal, Albert Prentice, MA, and Joshua Miller, PhD. Rob will introduce himself and his partners and describe their process in guiding schools through an executive search.

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Optimizing the Board and School Leadership for Long-Term Stability and Growth

Tuesday, January 19

David Ritter, PhD, leadership and strategic consultant, Christian Schools International

The Christian school is a sacred trust from God, but too often the administration of the school does not reflect this. All too frequently, failures that start with the board and/or school leadership permeate throughout the whole school. Frustration can lead to high board member turnover; the average tenure of a Christian school leader is a dismal three years.

When we strategically position schools after the heart and mind of God, seeking his will, we truly have the foundation of a strategic plan that brings Christ-honoring results and sustainability. Optimizing the board and head of school relationship is another foundational piece to strategically positioning a school toward long-term stability. We will overview some best practices of thriving Christian schools and allow for your questions.

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Beyond Your Media Center: Organizing Your Online Space

Tuesday, January 12

Erica Trowbridge, MEd, Media Specialist, Oakridge Middle/High School

Maintaining a media center is not an easy task, but most librarians are up for the challenge. If we think of the space we cannot see—the online environment of the media center—as an extension of the physical space, those natural organizational instincts will come in handy. This webinar will help you discover new ways of organizing the online space of your media center. You will learn how to seek out new tools for students and staff as well as figure out the best ways to manage these resources. Erica will show you the tools she uses and how she encourages her patrons to use them.

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From Activity-mania to Inquiry

Wednesday, November 18

David Mulder, assistant professor of education, Dordt College

The webinar is presented by David Mulder, who is a professor of science education at Dordt College. We do a lot of activities with our students, but they aren’t necessarily authentic inquiry. Dave will have a few strategies he can offer in that regard. Dave will also incorporate biblical perspectives in the classroom. This presentation is for teachers who are new to teaching or for teachers who want a fresh look.

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The Power of Social Media for Leaders

Tuesday, November 17

Tyler Amidon, Denver Christian Schools,
and Mike Wiersma, Ontario Christian Schools

In today's world, a school leader is called upon to communicate with his or her community on a daily basis. However, sending an email every day is not what is expected in 2015. There are so many tools and so many mediums for us to use to communicate. Join Tyler Amidon from Denver Christian Schools and Mike Wiersma from Ontario Christian Schools as they demonstrate how they use many different tools to meet community members, students, and staff where they are in the 21st century.

Learn about daily podcasting, Twitter, Facebook, weekly blog posts, YouTube, Google Hangout, Instagram, Remind HQ, weekly timeline to teachers, backchannels, and more. All these tools, when used properly, can inspire and connect your community in more ways than you can imagine!

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Reformed Worldview: Getting to “Why”

Tuesday, November 10

Bart DenBoer, CSI worldview specialist

Participants will collaborate around the questions, “What is a Reformed worldview?” and “How is such a worldview distinctive within the field of Christian education?” Participants will also consider Simon Sinek’s work "Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action,” and how understanding the “why” question is important in mission (statement) development.

To prepare for this webinar, please watch this 25-minute TED Talk video by Simon Sinek: How Great Leaders Inspire Action.

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The CSI Canada Insurance Plan Advantage

Thursday, November 5  |  1–2 p.m. EST

Tricia Lowe, principal at Mercer Health & Benefits
Todd Schilthuis, CSI employee benefits accounts manager

This one-hour webinar, hosted by Christian Schools International (CSI), will review the advantages of the CSI association plan, from the design of the plan to the competitive rate structure for Christian schools throughout Canada.

We are pleased to have as our guest speaker Tricia Lowe, principal at Mercer Health & Benefits. Mercer is a global consulting leader in employee benefit solutions. Tricia will discuss the advantages of the CSI Insurance Plan and the many plan options available for any size school in Canada.

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Don’t Fear the Forms! An Employee Benefits Webinar

Tuesday, October 27

Presented by: Julie Sessions, Mercer Health & Benefits, and
Todd Schilthuis and Brian Meekhof, Christian Schools International

Who Should Attend? U.S. school office personnel and administrators

It’s time to record your school’s health care coverage information to comply with the U.S. Affordable Care Act (ACA). That’s because 2016 marks the first year employers with over 50 or more full-time equivalent employees will have to report the health coverage offered under the ACA “Shared Responsibility” provisions. What are your responsibilities, and how will you meet them? We are pleased to have as our guest speaker, Julie Sessions, Principal at Mercer Health & Benefits, a global consulting leader in benefits solutions. Julie will break down the ACA reporting forms, deadlines, and the steps to take for compliance.

NEW! Our payroll services partner, ADP, is offering a new, automated service to make ACA reporting easier and quicker—with special discount pricing for our schools! Then, we’ll review our benefit plans including health, dental, vision, life, retirement, and more. Register today!

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Dual Enrollment Is the New APSevenstar Academy logo

Wednesday, October 21

Presented by: John Pohlman and Lou Anne Beadle from Sevenstar

With so many options and so little time to work ahead, high school students are looking to school administrators and guidance counselors to provide creative solutions to help them get the biggest bang for their buck before they even graduate. Join John Pohlman and Lou Anne Beadle from Sevenstar as they discuss how online dual enrollment opportunities are becoming game-changers for Christian school students. The need for these kinds of courses is growing, and Sevenstar is expanding program offerings to meet those needs! CSI member schools get access to these options through CSIonline Academy.

  • Hear why dual enrollment is becoming the preference over advanced placement (AP) courses.
  • Learn about Sevenstar’s affiliate colleges and universities.
  • Get on board with the scheduling requirements to participate.
  • Discover the academic and financial reasons why your juniors and seniors should be taking advantage of these online course opportunities.
  • Get information about dual enrollment courses taught from a biblical worldview.

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“And It Was Good” - Science Standards and Christian Worldview

Thursday, October 15

Presented by: Rachael Heyboer, manager of curriculum product development,
and Darryl Shelton, VP of corporate development and innovation

During this webinar, you will learn about “And It Was Good,” the new science teacher resource developed by Christian Schools International. “And It Was Good” provides a model for incorporating the Next Generation Science and engineering standards and a Christian worldview into science education without compromising either faith or scholarship. When faith is seamlessly integrated with instruction, students understand that every inch of creation has been fashioned by God’s design.

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Beyond Teaching the Facts: How to Teach for Deeper Understanding in the Bible Classroom

Wednesday, September 30

Christian School International’s Kent Ezell will use “Understanding by Design” framework to show the new or seasoned teacher how to teach the Bible so students will gain a deeper understanding. Topics include what is understanding, essential questions, and what is sound pedagogy in the Bible classroom. This presentation is for teachers who are new to teaching Bible or for teachers who want a fresh look.

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The U.S. Supreme Court Decision on Same-Sex Marriage and the Christian School

Thursday, September 24

The Supreme Court ruling on same-sex marriage has implications for Christian schools’ employment and admissions policies. Matt Nelson will help participants to understand the decision and its implications for Christian schools as they examine their policies and practices.

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A Conversation with Joel Westa, President/CEO of Christian Schools International

Tuesday, September 8

An interview style introduction to Joel Westa who will discuss his thoughts on the role of Christian Schools International in the future of Christian education worldwide.

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Advancement 101 Boot Camp webinar

Tuesday, September 1

Schools hire advancement staff to raise funds, recruit students, grow their programs... but who trains them, what are the clear goals and expectations? It’s not a surprise that most of these staff leave at about the three-year mark. Joyce Workman, mission advancement consultant, will explain her role in advancement training and provide a preview for her two-day advancement workshop in October.

Note: The September 1 webinar, Advancement 101, failed to record. We apologize for any inconvenience. For information about the content of the webinar and our upcoming Advancement 101 Boot Camp, please contact Joyce A Workman, CSI senior mission advancement consultant, jworkman@csionline.org.

Advancement 101 Boot Camp Workshop